How to repair hairline cracks in concrete floors is fortunately not as impossible as it might sound. Prior to repairing a crack, the crack should be cleaned and then can simply be filled with an epoxy filler. Putty can also be used for small cracks. For larger cracks a similar process is required, starting with cleaning the crack and then filling it with either a concrete caulk or a concrete patching compound. It is recommended that sand be added to the patching compound before it is applied. The filler should then be allowed to dry.

Although an obvious solution might be to purchase crack-resistant concrete in the first place, this solution unfortunately might be obvious only in hindsight. For a company, allowing a competent staff member to perform a minor repair may save money but expenses could be incurred if they injure themselves. Although many companies may take out insurance as simply a matter of course, the fine print on an insurance policy should be checked to ascertain whether falls on cracks on concrete are actually covered. If this could in fact be construed as a maintenance issue, the insurance company could deem that the insured was in fact negligent and a claim could be declined. Even if an insurance company does cover such events, this might require additional cover to be purchased.

Allowing an employee to perform the repair might also mean paying an employee for unproductive hours where an employee is not performing normal duties. An employee inexperienced in concrete repair might also produce an inferior result, which will mean that further costs will be incurred if such work is required to be rectified. Further, there is a possibility that an employee will be injured whilst performing the repair. Insurance policies might contain ‘gray areas’ if an injured person does not in fact fall under the category of visitor but under that of employee. If an employee is injured in a concrete crack incident and complaints are made then all kinds of different issues regarding negligence may arise, including that a safe workplace for the employee was not provided. This could even result in prosecution. The employee may further be entitled to some form of worker compensation if injured at work involving further charges, with further expense incurred if hiring of extra staff is required during such employee’s absence. concrete driveway installation

The question of how to repair cracks in concrete floors might best be answered by hiring a licensed and insured professional concrete service to do the job properly in the first place, and to avoid any potential issues.


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